Adding Captions, Titles and Credits With the Windows Movie Maker

Windows movie maker is one of several free downloadable movie editors. Using Windows you can easily edit the length, and ordering of your video clips. You can combine them into a longer movie, and you can add scene transitions and special effects. You can also add titles subtitles, credits and captions. These various types of captions are easy to add to a video, and they can greatly enhance the quality of the clip. The Windows makes it easy for an amateur to use this type of editing.

When Windows downloads video footage, it breaks the full squence into smaller clips, based on a digital  sensing mechanism that determines where scene changes occur in the film. Once downloaded, video clips can be displayed on the Windows editing board in one of two ways;  either the clips can be dragged, individually, into sequential boxes connected by transition areas or the scenes can be dragged onto a timeline. Either way, the user now has the option of adding captions to the beginning of the video, before a selected clip, on a selected clip or after a selected clip, or in a credit box at the end of the video. When the user adds a caption using, any of the above options except “on the clip,” Windows will create a new box in the story line or timeline.

Should a user add a caption to the wrong box, or in the wrong place in the story line, he can always right click on the caption, cut it out and paste it where he wants it to appear in the story line or time sequence.

To add a caption, a user simply clicks on the caption tab, and selects the appropriate location option in the drop down menu. Then the he types the text in the caption box. Next the user has the option to add special caption effects to his text.

There are a variety of special caption effects. These effects allows the user to determine how the caption will appear, how long it will appear and how it will disappear. The caption can display all at once, gradually fade in, come in from the left right, top or bottom, scroll in like the captions on Star Wars, swirl in, come in like a newspaper headline, etc. Once the caption has appeared, the editor can choose to have it remain in place, fade out or move off the screen to the left, right top or bottom. The desired effect can be selected for each caption separately.

Once a user has selected an effect, or decided not to use any effect at all, he can select the text font’s, color, size and style. Windows has a number of font style, font size and font colors available for movie captions.

When the user selects the to print the caption directly on a frame option, he can then select subtitle under the special effects menu. Windows automatically places the caption towards the bottom of the screen, as the default setting. The user can  can then adjust the color.  Darker colors are read well against a lighter screen and lighter colors against a darker screen.

Editors can close their movie with a professional looking credits screen just like the list of credits seen at the end of any movie. To create one, the user clicks on the create credit screen in the list of caption options. This will open a special caption box at the end of the story line or time line. A text area opens up, and Windows will automatically turn the text typed in that area into a scrolling professional looking credit screen.

Captions can be used in anyway in any way the editor chooses. For example, a series of captions on a blank screen with appropriate background music can effectively introduce a movie. Viewers will enjoy reading the captions, while they listen to the music

This report has been brought to you by Winmax Video of California. Winmax is a professional video company that makes , and other types of commercial videos.  As you progress in your editing skills, you will see how complex movie editing has become. So when faced with the need for a professional looking video for your business or organization, consider using the services of a professional video production company, that has years of training and experience in movie and video production.

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